Insomnia, sleeping at inappropriate times, restless leg syndrome, snoring and sleep apnea…

These are only a few of the afflictions classified as sleep disorders, and they are common among millions of people in the U.S.  Most people realize that quality sleep is crucial to achieving and  maintaining good health, but can you recognize the symptoms of a sleep disorder?  Sleeping too much or too little, poor concentration, mood swings, weight gain, and respiratory problems may all be signs that you are suffering from a sleep disorder.

What can you do about it?

Lowcountry Sleep provides expert consultations, diagnostic evaluations, and treatment recommendations for sleep disorders. Our dedicated team of experienced medical providers and licensed technicians helps patients suffering from sleep-related health difficulties find the path to healthier, happier, and more active living, through top-quality medical care and compassionate service.
Lowcountry Sleep Medicine
Our staff takes special pride in their highly qualified technical and clinical management capabilities, as well as their staff’s responsiveness to physician and patient needs. Our technicians are qualified and highly trained sleep specialists. Each patient is cared for individually to ensure a satisfying experience. Patient education is one of our primary goals. Understanding the sleep process and the evaluation of sleep disorders will help each patient take an active and positive role in his or her own care.

Our sleep centers are clean, safe, and comfortable ensuring a pleasant patient experience. All rooms are equipped with a queen size bed, flat screen TV, and a personalized homey feel.
All facilities are equipped with state-of- the-art diagnostic equipment and every study is reviewed and interpreted by one of our sleep specialists.

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